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  • Putting Fundamentals – Face aim

    Face aim represents the alignment of the putter face relative to your intended target line. Although having a square putter face at address does not guarantee a square putter face at impact, it does mean that there is less need to manipulate or alter the putter face throughout the stroke. Tour players will tend to […]

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  • Improve your impact – Fixing a Slide

    A slide is one of the most common swing characteristics we see with golfers who tend to struggle to contact the ball in the correct place. A slide can be simply described as excessive lower body movement towards the target during the downswing. This can cause instability in the lower body through impact which will […]

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  • Stop Hanging Back – Improve your ball striking

    “Hanging Back” is an extremely common characteristic among poor ball strikers. hanging back refers to the body “Backing up” away from the target as the club approaches impact. This can be seen in the images below demonstrated by Dave Philips of TPI (The Titleist Performance Institute). This type of impact can often result in poor […]

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