Supervised Practice – A new way to Game Improvement

Supervised Practice – A new way to Game Improvement

What is Supervised Practice?

Supervised practice is a new way to improving your game and reaching your golfing goals.

For most people lowering scores is often difficult because of a lack of practice between rounds of golf. How people practice can also be a major issue simply because to most people, striking ball after ball in the same direction will result in lower scores.


When does it take place?

Supervised practice is a commitment to working at your game consistently and in a constructive manner. There will be 4 supervised practice sessions held each week, and students can choose to attend individual classes or join with our unlimited pass.


During supervised practice, we will create a plan that is designed specifically for your game. We will incorporate both block and random practice drills into weekly plans. Combine that with a competitive group environment and accountability for your week to week scores you have the perfect recipe for improving your game.


Unlimited Monthly Membership – 550aed

Individual Class – 160 aed

 April Timings

Monday 2nd April – 7.30pm
Tuesday 3rd April – 7.30pm
Monday 9th April – 7.30pm
Tuesday 10th April – 8.00pm
Wednesday 11th April – 6.30am
Monday 16th April – 7.30pm
Tuesday 17th April – 8.00pm
Wednesday 18th April – 6.30am
Monday 23rd April – 7.30pm
Tuesday 24th April – 7.30pm
Wednesday 25th April – 6.30am
Saturday 28th April – 3pm
Monday 30th April – 8.00pm
Tuesday 1st May – 7.30pm
Wednesday 2nd May – 6.30am