Supervised Practice – Lesson Plan

Supervised Practice – Lesson Plan

This month has seen a great response to our supervised practice class with over 20 people taking part in the classes so far. The goal of our supervised practice has been to create a structured and interesting way to practice and not only develop your technique, but also test and improve your golfing skills.

We have also had a number of people ask what is actually involved in a supervised practice session, so the purpose of this is to explain and show you exactly what you will get out of it. You can also use the practice plan in your own day to day practice sessions and use the template to create your own, based on different areas of your game.

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Block Practice

The first portion of our session involves working on some form of block or technical practice. The purpose of this part of the session is to make technical changes that you may have been working on in a recent golf lesson. We are here to help you spot any issues, suggest some drills and help you check you are doing the right thing at all times.

Random Practice

This part of the supervised practice session mainly involves experimentation. The idea of random practice is to constantly change the environment and the task. This will help you develop the skills you may use on the golf course, and create a more realistic environment. You can change a task in a number of ways from altering the lie, changing the club, adjusting the flight or simply aiming at a different target.

Competitive Practice

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Simply put, this is where we need to score at all costs. The quality of the shot or strike becomes irrelevant, what shot we play no longer matters, we simply have a task to do and we need to do it to the best of our ability. In competitive practice we simply need to have a scoring system in place to help keep track of our scores each time we do it. This element of competition brings with it a small amount of pressure similar to what we would experience on the golf course.


This week one of our supervised practice sessions focused on chipping & pitching. Our practice plan below will give you an idea of the various tasks that we work through during the session. These tasks are designed to cover our three key area of practice which we mentioned above and give you a structured template to work through during your practice session.

practice blue print plan 1

I have also put together a brief video of the session. The video should help you see a more visual example of our practice sessions and give you an idea of what I would normally think about during my own practice time.