Learning to PLAY the game

Learning to PLAY the game

Starting golf can often be a mix of emotions similar to that of a roller coaster. In the beginning it is often the excitement of learning something new, seeing quick progress, and believing that you can play a sport. As time goes on however many people can often get stuck in a rut of practicing, and preparing for the big event when you finally feel comfortable enough to go onto the golf course. As great as this seems, that time will often just be put back because of a fear that people will often experience, that they are not good enough to tackle the big course!

First of all, every golfer that has graced the earth has been there, by that I mean everyone has had their first round on a course at some point and can understand what you are going through.

Second of all you most definitely do not have to tackle “the big course” or a standard 18 hole golf course for your first time actually playing the game. For beginners I would always recommend starting with something like a par 3 golf course or a short 9 hole golf course.

What is a Par 3 course?

Most golf courses are made up of a mixture of 18 different holes of various lengths. These holes will always have a par number attached to them based on their length. Par 3’s will be the shortest, Par 4’s the middle length holes, and par 5’s are the longest. However on a par 3 golf course there are only short holes. This makes this type of golf course ideal for people who are just beginning to discover the golf course.


What if I get in peoples way?

The great thing about starting on a par three course is that it tends to be a far more relaxed affair than a normal 18 hole golf course. Should you find you are moving a little slow and holding a group behind you up, simply stand to the side of the hole or wait on the next tee box and allow them to play through. Should you find yourself on a normal golf course the same rule applies, golfers generally don’t mind catching up on someone once they are allowed to pass relatively quickly.


Where can I play par 3 in Dubai?

There are several options in Dubai to play par 3 golf, some of which are floodlit meaning it is possible to play after dark. Regardless of which one you choose they will all offer you a fantastic opportunity to learn the playing side of the game, and test the skills you have learned throughout your lessons & practice.

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