The much anticipated Titleist Vokey SM7’s have finally arrived in the UAE, and these are going to fly off the shelves!! I must say it’s rare you hear such excitement about wedges but yet the hussle that has been created around the launch of the SM7 has been hugely hyped by just how popular they have been among tour players. Almost every staff member from Titleist (Spieth…. Beef… Jimmy walker etc etc) switched immediately to these wedges which is a rare occurrence, not to mention even some players from other manufacturers.

This week I finally got my first look at these new Wedges and they do not disappoint!! So whats the big deal about SM7?


In the last offering of Spin Milled wedges from Vokey, we saw a huge change to the COG (Centre of Gravity) which you can see demonstrated by the image below. The higher Centre of gravity in the more lofted wedges meant they could create a more penetrating and controllable ball flight with higher spin. This has since taken an even further jump in the SM7’s and I must say it makes it noticeably easier to flight the ball on longer pitch shots with the more lofted wedges.


Titleist has always pushed the importance of getting fitted for wedges, rather than just buying them off the rack like most people do. I have to say I fully support them on this. There is such a huge array of options to help you rather than confuse you, but if you just buy off the rack you will have no idea how suitable it is to not only your game but also the clubs you already have in place. Wedge fitting is designed to get the correct lofts to suit the rest of your set, the correct bounce to suit your style of player, and the correct grind to give you the functionality you desire around the greens.

This year we plan to do even more Titleist fitting and Demo days than last year. We want everyone not to buy a Titleist wedge, but to by a club that fits correctly into your bag, is easy to use and helps you save shots around the green.


Along with the launch of a brand new wedge, Vokey has also released some rather interesting finishes to go along with them. The stable and traditional Tour Chrome is still available as always, however, now there is also a Brushed steel and my personal favourite (as I think most of you will agree) the Jet Black Raw wedge!! For me and most golf pervs out there the Jet Black Raw wedge just oozes appeal. Almost a stealth look to it as the black finish is even darker than before, and the paintfill and graphics are now also in black. I will let you make your own decision on this but I know what I am ordering!!



This is actually an interesting one and one I had to do some research into. The plated wedges (Tour Chrome & Brushed steel) are reportedly spinning up to 100rpm more than their predecessor, mainly due to the tighter tolerances with the spin milling process. However, for some reason the Jet black option does not use this groove cutting process. Does this mean alot……. In reality no. 100rpm to the average golfer is almost nothing!! The jet black is still going in the bag.



This I have been waiting for…… for a long…. long time!! Only the true wedge nerds among you will know where the D-Grind comes from. Every year Vokey does a limited release wedge called a TVD, which people go crazy for!! However now with the Launch of the SM7 you can actually get your very own TVD…. or in short…. D-Grind wedge


If you are interested in signing up for a wedge fitting session with Titleist sign up via our event landing page by clicking below. We look forward to changing your short game forever!!